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D .dll Calling Pascal .dll - Pascal Files
Parsing Command Line Parameters Processing

The Pascal backend of D .dll Calling Free Pascal .dll - D Files.

In both Lazarus and Object Pascal the command line parameters are available via a call to function ParamStr (index), which returns the indexth
command line parameter as a string (it can be returned to a char array variable). ParamStr (0) = the program's name.  In D, the entire command
line parameters are accessible by a single char*.

The Pascal .dll (allazrs.dll) consists of one Object Pascal file, one Lazarus unit, and LCL units. The procedures and functions in allazrs.dll have
been successfully called by both a Free Pascal Windows program and a D .dll.
Requires both Free Pascal (for ALlazrs.pas) and Lazarus (for NumRecGlbl.pas and Interfaces.ppu).

    Pascal Files:
  1. ALlazrs.pas - originally developed for software reuse of user written unit NumRecGlbl's command line parameter (ParamStr (i)
    and ParamCount) processing, as well as mapping a 1 dimensional array to a 2 dimensional matrix, in a Free Pascal Windows program.  In this application LIBRARY ALlazrs procedure DCMDLINE (...) is called by D module CmdLine procedure callDCMDLINE (...) as part of D Windows program command line parameter processing.

    allazrs.dll - ALlazrs.pas dynamic link library, compiled with a modified fpcdll.bat (see below)

    allazrs.lib - allazrs.dll
    ALlazrs.pas source code screen shot
    import library (not used for Pascal applications, required for D applications - used when linking the D .dll in the D module's
    pragma (lib, "ALlazrs.lib") statement), built using Digital Mars implib utility (file bup.zip).

    units Windows and LCLType (used by Interfaces) both define a Window Handle type HWnd. Windows.HWnd is compatible with both D
    and Object Pascal.

  2. Interfaces.ppu - Lazarus Component Library (LCL) component unit description file; required for useing Lazarus unit NumRecGlbl in
    Object Pascal LIBRARY ALlazrs.  (In LIBRARY ALlazrs, recommend explicitly defining HWnd handles as either type Windows.HWnd
    or type LCLType.HWnd)

  3. NumRecGlbl.pas - Numerical Recipes1 secondary unit used in Lazarus project Lazarus, Free Pascal, Silverfrost FTN95, and Numerical Recipes;
    contains command line parameter processing, file validation (when file name included in command line parameters) using the Dos unit, and indices mapping for a 1 dimensional array to/from a TStringGrid, adapted for use via allazrs.dll in a Free Pascal Windows application.

    numrecglbl.ppu - NumRecGlbl.pas unit description file.

    genetyp.inc2 - include file developed from major rewrite of Dawkins8 Biomorphs2 (Free Pascal dawkins8.dll callable from both Pascal and D programs); contains useful CONSTant and TYPE declarations

    nrtyp.inc - Numerical Recipes include file
    NumRecGlbl.pas screen shot from Lazarus Source Editor

  4. hwndio.dll - used in Free Pascal Windows programs, not used in D .dll Calling Free Pascal .dll - D Files; hwndio.pas dynamic link library;
    collection of Free Pascal general purpose functions for Windows Edit Controls I/O, field tabbing.

Procedure name must be upper case to be D callable.

Constants, variable iErr, functions CurParamSwitch (...) and cmdLnFname (...) defined in Lazarus unit NumRecGlbl.

Call LIBRARY ALlazrs procedure DCMDLINE (...) to search for/process input file parameter or artificial life related arguments.

D module CmdLine procedure prcCmdLine (...) extracts a command line parameter from the char* command line parameters list passed to the D main program by Windows, and saves it in a character array.  (prcCmdLine (...) is primarilarly used for artificial life/simulated annealing applications.)

prcCmdLine (...) calls D module CmdLine procedure callDCMDLINE (...) (may call other procedures as well).

callDCMDLINE (...) calls DCMDLINE (...) (examining the source code may help to explain why done this way)
ALlazrs.pas screen shot showing DCMDLINE (...)

    Pascal Compiling/Linking:
  1. In addition to the -WR switch, fpcdll.bat will also need the following switches:
    (the above values reflect my Lazarus installation, which is on the D: drive, \lazarus directory; be sure to adjust the additional switches to reflect your installation)

    To compile ALlazrs.pas and its associated files into allazrs.dll, open a D2 32-bit Command Prompt and type:
    fpcdll ALlazrs
    (Can safely leave above additional switches in fpcdll.bat if the Object Pascal
    Command Prompt - building allazrs.dll, allazrs.lib
    Library does not need them; or can write another batch file, lcldll.bat for example, which passes the above switches along with the
    source file name to fpcdll.bat.)

  2. To build allazrs.lib, in the same D2 32-bit Command Prompt, type:
    implib allazrs.lib allazrs.dll

1. Press, William H., Brian P. Flannery, Saul A Teukolsky, and William T. Vetterling (1986). Numerical Recipes: The Art of Scientific Computing.
New York:Press Syndicate of the University of Cambridge.
2. Rietman, Edward (1994). Genesis Redux: Experiments Creating Artificial Life. Windcrest (McGraw-Hill).
The original Dawkins8 source consisted of one unit and one MS-DOS main program (without any modularity whatsoever). Broke that down into two
Windows callable .dll's (genecode.dll and dawkins8.dll) and one include file. The main .dll is now very modular.

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